invention job.
Racial Encryption Skills

You will require a race specific Encryption skill, these are named Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente Encryption Methods.

The requirements of these skills are

* Hacking 2
o Science 5
o Electronic Upgrades 5
+ Electronics 2
+ Engineering 2

The above skill is one of the most influencing parts of the invention process, although it will take time getting these skills to
L5 would benefit the job greatly.  It is only dropped in exploration sites and not sold by NPCs on the market so be prepared to
pay quite a lot for these skills.
Science Level Skills

You will need science skills relating to the Tech II build process of the item you are inventing, these skills are typically:

Racial Starship Engineering, Electromagnetic Physics, Electronic Engineering,  Graviton Physics, High Energy Physics,
Hydromagnetic Physics, Laser Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Nanite Engineering, Nuclear
Physics, Plasma Physics, Quantum Physics and Rocket Science.

Before you go OMFG I need all that lot.... no you don't need them ALL unless you are going to invent every item from every race.

So how do I know which skills I need to do the job?

With the Trinity patch this is MUCH easier to see, as the skills are now listed under the invention tab.

Example - Large Armour Repairer I requires

* Amarr Encryption Methods 1
o See above for pre-requisite skills.
* Mechanical Engineering 1
o Science 5
o Mechanic 5
* Nanite Engineering 1
o Science 5
o Electronics 5

Try and get these science skills as high as possible before doing an invention job.

Typically all ship inventions will use Racial Starship Engineering and Mechanical Engineering skills.

Invention at a POS

To start this section I'm going to jump on the item which most people don't understand and the majority are confused over.
Scientific Networking Skill

If you don't have a station with an OFFICE in the same solarsystem as your POS labs then the BPOs HAVE to be manually put
in the POS labs to do any work on them.  This is cast in stone and there's no way around it, pure and simple.

If you have a station with an office in the same solarsystem then with the skill Scientific Networking trained to Level 1 the
BPOs can stay safe in the station.

The skill Scientific Networking allows YOU to start lab jobs remotely, this does NOT mean the BPOs can be located anywhere
out of the same solarsystem as your labs.  The pre-requisites for Scientific Networking are Laboratory Operation 4 (which
requires Science 3).

* Level 1 - allows for range within the same solarsystem (you need this to do jobs leaving the BPO in a station in the same
* Level 2 - extends the range to 5 jumps (that means YOU can be up to 5 jumps away to start a job, the BPO HAS to either be
in the POS Lab or in the solarsystem station where your POS is)
* Level 3 - extends the range to 10 jumps.
* Level 4 - extends the range to 20 jumps.
* Level 5 - extends the range to the full region your POS is in.

There's also another way to keep the BPO in a corp hangar in the same solarsystem as your POS Labs, simply leave the
BPO in the station corp hangar and warp to your POS lab and initiate the job from there. This way you do not need to train the
Scientific Networking skill at all.
Lab Stats

A standard Mobile Lab has:

* 1 copy slot (0.75 time multiplier)
* 5 invention slots (0.5 time multiplier)
* 3 material research slots (ME) (0.75 time multiplier)
* 3 time efficiency research slots (PE) (0.75 time multiplier)

An Advanced Mobile Lab has:

* 3 copy slots (0.65 time multiplier)
* 2 invention slots (0.5 time multiplier)
* 2 material efficiency slots (ME) (0.75 time multiplier)
* 0 time efficiency research slots (PE)

Required Roles

All Mobile POS lab jobs have to be started from a corp hangar (not a corp hangar array) and the person starting the job
requires the roles "Rent Research Slot" and "Factory Manager".  Unfortunately the person putting on the jobs will also require
access to a corp wallet (make it an empty one), even if you are not charging for the slots on the POS labs.
Process of using mobile labs

Researching ME or PE


* Take BPO to lab and put it inside the LAB hangar and initiate the job from there


* Leave the BPO in a CORP station hangar in a station IN THE SAME solarsystem as the POS Labs and with Scientific
Networking L1 you can initiate the job from the CORP hangar in the station


* Leave the BPO in a CORP station hangar in a station IN THE SAME solarsystem as the POS Labs and fly to the POS Lab
and initiate the job through the S&I interface (this doesn't require the SN skill trained)


* Take ALL the items (decryptor, datacores, BPC, interface) to the POS LAB and put them in a hangar in the LAB.
* Initiate the job from the POS Lab Hangar.
* Once completed take out the interface as it's not consumed in the job and return it to whence it came.

Q. Why do I get the message "Cannot establish contact with the Science & Industry facility. If it is in a different system you
might have to travel closer."?
A. Because you HAVE to start a job from the CORPORATE hangar not your own hangar and it HAS to be in the same
solarsystem as the POS Lab.

Q. What happens to corp jobs I put on if I leave the corp?
A. The jobs will remain until completed where another corp member delivers them, the BPOs will return to whatever corp
hangar they were put on from.

Q. What happens to BPOs if the office has unrented?
A. They go into a big black hole, in other words you lose them, however this is a bug so petition to have them returned.
Alternatively re-rent the office and according to some the BPOs will reappear.

Q. What happens to my BPOs if my Control Tower or Labs get blown up?
A. If they were put in the lab then u lose them, if they were started from an office in a station then they will return to it after the
POS or control tower goes pop. Any BPCs/BPOs left in the labs will be lost to you.

Q. Can other corps use my POS Labs?
A. No - even though it has a "public" option it doesn't work.

Q. How do other corps in my Alliance use POS labs?
A. There's several answers to this so here goes -

1. They can only do ME & PE research on T1 BPOs.
2. Any job that requires materials (Invention & T2 BPO research) or outputs materials (Invention & copying) cannot be done.
3. ME & PE research on T1 BPOs can only be done remotely from a Corporate owned office in the same solarsystem as the
POS lab and only if the user has Scientific Networking L1 (and he needs corp roles to do it also).

Q. Will concord save my POS if attacked?
A. If you are decared war upon then concord will not interveen, otherwise they will.

Q. Can I rent out my lab slots to the public?
A. Short answer is no you can't even though there's a public option (it doesn't work). There are 2 ways you can offer research

1. Allow members to join your corp to perform research, you can do this but beware of players stealing BPOs and this would
allow a player to cancel other people's jobs.
2. Pay collateral to players that is the equivalent NPC purchase cost and research the BPOs yourself and set the BPO on
contract back to the player for NPC + research cost. This is by far the safest way to do research but it requires you to have
capital to start with to pay collateral.