This section is dedicated to the upcoming new Wormholes in Apocrypha,
please make sure you read it in it's entirety to get a good understanding of how
they work.

Current knowledge of wormholes is via forum posts and the majority (if not all)
of the below information is taken from CCP Dev posts.

Please remember the below is subject to change through the testing cycle,
before Apocrypha goes live.
Abbreviations CCP wants us to use and used throughout the below document

K-System/K-Space : Known space from Empire to 0.0
W-System/W-Space : The unknown space that is formed by the wormhole
K-W : A K-space to W-space bridge
W-W : A W-space to W-space bridge
W-K : A W-space to K-space bridge
WH : Wormhole

You scan down WHs from anywhere within eve space, much like finding grav
and radar sites (there's a new scanner coming with Apocrypha).

A WH allows so much mass to go through it before it will close.

If a WH closes there are only 2 ways to get out - find another WH or self destruct.

If your WH closes the new WH you find may lead to ANYWHERE (even deep 0.0)
in EVE, it may also be another WH deeper into W-Space.

There are no gates in W-space, the only way to get to another WH solarsystem
is via another WH.

ALL WHs are randomly placed and are temporary.

There may be several WHs into the same W-space solarsystem.

All W-Space solarsystems will be treated as null sec (0.0) even ones you enter
from empire.

Highsec > WH will not be as lucrative as 0.0 > WH.

It should be possible to anchor POSs (assuming there are moons in W-space)
but getting back to the same W-space to re-fuel the POS may prove to be a little

A wormhole's state will be determined by two factors: Time and Mass. When it
spawns, it will be open for a ramdomly determined amount of time and allow a
ramdomly determined amout of mass through. When either variable reaches
zero, the wormhole collapses. Wormholes will also have a similar despawn
timer as exploration sites, so if they are never found they will collapse and
respawn elsewhere.

*I like this one* It is extremely possible to get stuck in W-space, if your WH
closes you will have to find another one via scanning, if your scanner ship isn't
in W-space with you then you will be stuck and no a petition to a GM will not get
you out. You have 2 choices as I see it, if you end up stuck and unable to scan
down a WH from within W-space.

1) Self destruct

2) Wait until other players come in and hope they are nice enough to gang you
and let you warp to them and allow you to leave via the WH they came in on.

You can only get in or out of W-space via WHs - you CANNOT clone jump, or
cyno in or out of W-space (the only exception to getting out is to self destruct).

W-space is NOT on the map, the solarsystems do not have names so loading
the map will not show you where you are.

You can bookmark things in W-space the normal way but no solarsystem name
will be auto generated on the bm.

Local chat atm is subject to much CCP discussion, word is that it may be a
delayed mode local chat.

The new scanner system, new probes and probe launchers will all use the
existing skills you have trained up. The aim is to make the level you have
trained a skill up to still be relevant, so if you have invested time in getting a
certain skill up, you will still get the benefit of this.

So how many W-space sites are there - answer around 2,500.

There will be NO ice in W-space. As is whether the belt will remain in the
system all the time. Or whether the NPC's will let you mine the ice in peace.

Motherships, wormholes and High-Sec space!

Seems to be a fairly popular question for some reason so I thought I'd touch a
bit on that and how we work.

Fact: Certain types of ships cannot enter certain types of space.
Fact: We are making wormholes that can lead to certain types of space.

From that we can deduce that we will be making wormholes that can lead to
space where certain ships cannot enter. I kind of feel like I have answered the
question at this point. If ship type X cannot enter space of type A then it really
doesn't matter whether ship type X wants to take a stargate, wormhole or the
bus to get there. It can't enter.

It is totally possible that a WH in Amarr space connects to the same W-space as
a WH say in Minmatar space, even a 0.0 solarsystem could connect to it (but
more rarer).

Currently your ship's computer will give you a fairly strong hint as to what sort
of space a wormhole's likely to lead to when you approach it.

There'll always be a wormhole leading somewhere, somewhere in the w-space
system. It just might not be going somewhere you want it to go.

No. The only mass that counts is your current ship mass. If you use
maintenance bays and so on to move extra ships, that's considered intelligent
use of mechanics.

We've not finalized activation yet; we have discussed doing it by proximity, and
it might well go in like that Smile

Q - I hope your not adding a bunch of t1 mins (no matter how valuble) that can
be mined in this region - just look at what the drone regions did to low sec ore

A - The drone region issue was a result of being able to "mine with guns",
rather than the addition of new asteroid belts. We're not repeating that mistake,
but there will be mineable resources in there.

Q - So... are wormholes going to be like FW beacons in he sense that once they
are found everyone can see them?

A- No

Q - Just for clarification, what is the likelyness of an exit-wormwhole leading to
insecure/0.0 space from a wormwhole-system entered from high security space

A - Low. Not zero, but not that high

Q - What I want to know is the wormhole universe once you are
into the wormhole universe, are there the same connections to the same
neighbouring wormhole sysems, or do the wormholes that connect systems
inside the wormiverse come and go like the ones connecting to new eden will?

A - It's all entirely dynamic in there, there are no fixed connections.

Q - You say that wormholes will disapear when they reach either 0mass or
0timer, how likely is the first? If ships dont have enough mass you have said
they wont be able to jump, and I imagine its going to be very rare for there to be
exactly enough mass to shut one down by jumping through it, it will just reach a
very small number, effectivly making the wormhole unusable but still spawned
until the timer drops.

And will a despawn of a wormhole in a system trigger a new wormhole to
spawn in the same system (especially relevent in wormhole systems) or will
you have to keep searching and waiting for a new wormhole to appear?

A - We've got a cutoff value (12,000,000kg currently) which is a minimum ship
mass that can always use a wormhole while its mass budget is still above 0kg.
If this ship takes the budget below 0kg, it collapses. Say then you've got a
wormhole with 9,900,000kg left: you can jump a 11,000,000kg cruiser through,
but that'll take it below 0 and it collapses behind you. You could also take 10
1,000,000kg frigates through, and it'd collapse after the last one.

In wormhole systems, a collapsing exit will always spawn a new exit. In
K-space a collapsing wormhole will respawn elsewhere in the cluster.

Q - I asked whether the exit point in a system will just change for each new
wormhole or whether it'll change with each jump through a single wormhole. As
in, when I use a wormhole to jump into a system and someone follows me, do
we both turn up at the same place?

A - Once a wormhole has opened the connection is consistent until it closes.
Yes, you both end up in the same place.

Q - This got me thinking about a possible issue, say you have a capital ship in
W-space and the only wormhole out leads to say... Jita. Do you have to wait on
that wormhole to expire, or are capitals coming back to hisec?

A - There's value on each wormhole that determines the biggest ship mass that
can go through the wormhole in one go, independent of the overall mass
budget. All wormholes linking to hisec have this value set so that capital ships
can't go through. In the situation you describe, you'll just have to wait until a big
enough wormhole appears for you. Wormholes - serious business.