Evemon Out of Game character planning tool (Must have for all EvE Players)

EvE Fitting Tool (EFT) Out of Game ship planning / fitting tool (Must have for all EvE Players)

Staticmapper Wormhole Site Very important tool for wormhole exploration

POS Fitter Very nice tool for POS creation, testing if fits work on various control towers

The Complete Unknown PDF For Wormhole information - a must read

POS Forum Post Interesting Read regarding POS setups, and various other associate info...great links from post

Alliance Killboard PvP Stud or PvP Dud, find out how alliance members fare in Player versus Player combat.

Grismar's EvE Wiki The most complete guide / article listing I have found

EvE Shops List of Active services / features

Ultimate New Players Guide THE Resource for players just starting out. Must bookmark.

EVE Golden Rules  MUST read for new players

Mission Guides List of all missions / Damage Dealt by Enemies / Damage Type you should deal etc MUST BOOKMARK

Battleclinic Master List - List compiled by Battle Clinic for EVE Tools / Resources

Agent Locator Very Nice Site for locating agents by type / level / area

Killboard Largest Kill board Resource for EVE. Good for looking up other pilots in area or someone who contacted you.

Shattered Crystal Trusted site to buy Game Time Card (GTC) to turn into in game currency. Best part...its LEGAL to do.

EVE Guides Good Assortment of Guides for New Players / Mining / etc

EVE Wiki Great Resource wide range of items

CCP Youtube CCP's Youtube channel, alliance tournament, broadcasts etc

Pretty Lights The Battle of Asakai (If you dont know, you fucking better find out)

Retribution Trailer - Learn what happened to "Vic"

Casuality Trailer - Learn the art of revenge

Dominion Trailer - This system belongs to us

Butterfly Effect - The sandbox of EvE Online

Fight Your Own War - Dust514 video

Adding Sites - Adding Trusted sites to the IGB (in game browser)

Rebuild Serenity - Rebuilding a Legend

Battlefield 4 Recon (sniper).

Sniper Progress - Getting Better

White Feather I - Hunt or be Hunted

White Feather II - The Saga Continues