Heavy Assault Cruisers

It's fair to say that the entire combat system within EVE relies upon two key values. The most important is to immobilize your
target. Without this your quarry will evade and escape; there will be no target to destroy, and you will have failed to inflict damage
on your enemies. The second is to overwhelm him before he does the same to you. This can be done through any combination
of superior tactics - attrition, electronic warfare, or just plain old numbers advantage. With this in mind, you might wonder why all
combat is not done with battleships and interceptors exclusively, right? While possible, and quite powerful, it is a
mind-numbingly bland way to look at things. Heavy Assault Cruisers (HACs) are neither the most effective anti-frigate or
anti-battleship platforms, but they can work against both extremely well. Situations where a high level of mobility is desirable,
where a frigate in incapable of meeting defensive or offensive requirements, are ideal for the HAC (as they are to a lesser extent
of the cruisers of old.) Hopefully, after covering each race and ship, you will have a higher understanding of how they fufill this

The prime focus, however, is not on specific setup advice - experience, skills, and finanical resources will dictate that.