Forex School

The 85 video series that was previously posted here is being recreated. Please have patience during this process, as I have other
responsibilities to fulfill.

Due to many requests, Criticalman has finally created an education compilation of teachings, information, and techniques to help
anyone become a successful Forex trader. All sources from web, video, and guides will be credited at the end of this course.

Our lessons are laid out in a martial arts belt system. Each belt's lessons are a progressive system designed to ensure one has
mastered more basic material, and would be ready to take the next step.

Criticalman cannot stress enough that although after completion of the blue belt class, sufficient information is possessed by the
trainee to be a profitable trader in a practice (demo) forex account - it is HIGHLY recommended to not open a live forex account until
AFTER successfully completing the Black Belt Red Stripe (Master) level course due to the extreme risk associated with trading FOREX.

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