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This website contains has been designed to offer insight and information to everyone from a
day-one trader to advanced theory and strategies for decade veteran FOREX traders. This site is
completely FREE (although donations help keep the site free). The reason is that if a trader is
honestly good at forex, they shouldn't have to rely on selling someone books or a DVD course to
make money... if they say they are good at FOREX, then they should do it.

Quick Creator Trade Biography

My early trade experience was not stocks, futures, or forex...not even in the market at all.
I began and honed my trade styles, experience and eye through trading the market in the
Sci-Fi game
EvE Online which I don't want to carbon date, but lets just say a few years. In that time
I quietly became a very successful (wallet size) trader.  

A quite humorous image of my EvE trading taken by my wife, who has allowed to be
somewhat silly at times as illustrated in setup of the computers in the picture.
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