What type of raider are you? (Comedy)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Geared for New Players)

Jadedrgn (Level 70 Feral PvP Druid)

Jadedrgn (Level 70 Master of Warsong Gulch)

Neytiri (Level 85 Survival Hunter Wrecking Ball PvP Achievement)

My Characters:
Jadedrgn (90 Resto / Balance Druid)
Vandeflueger (90 Discipline / Holy Priest)
Shdwdrgn (90 Frost Mage)
Nantukoshade (90 Destruction / Demonology Warlock)
Bellerophorn (90 Combat / Subtlety Rogue)
Neytiri (90 Marksman / Beast Mastery Hunter)
Moat (90 Restoration / Enhancement Shaman)
Svendahogen (90 Blood / Frost Death Knight)
Tsutey (90 Fury / Arms Warrior)
Treva (90 Holy / Retribution Paladin)  

Yes, I have an 90 of every class available in Warcraft. What are you going to do about it, bitch? ;-)